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Curve Fitting 101 (Link)

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Max % Pullback per calendar year since 1980 (Link)

Market timing with “Leveraged Long vs Short Ratio” (Link)

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Short-term safety = long-term risk; short-term risk = long-term safety (Link)

An OPEX (options expiration) trading strategy published in Daily Analysis:

How did @TheArbFather make $10,000+ profit in February?

His secret sauce: Arbitrage betting.

Instead of getting bettings tips from slick-talking handicappers, TheArbFather bets on both sides of an outcome to guarantee a risk-free return. An example of this is betting on a game total to be over 224.5 AND under 224.5.

This might sound too good to be true, but the reason this can happen is sportsbooks set their lines for games independently. Sometimes, they make mistakes and there are situations where FanDuel’s odds are different from DraftKings’ odds.

Unless you are a PhD-wielding, Python-coding, Excel-Wizard… finding arbitrage opportunities consistently has been out of reach. Until now…

OddsJam scans millions of odds every second and finds these need-in-a-haystack opportunities that you can bet on to secure a risk-free profit.

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